About us

Our mission is to enable experiments for researchers that need a high tech sequencing laboratory with fast turn-around-times and the highest quality standards in sequencing.

About us

Hartwig Sequencing Services is proud to be a part of published work from researchers. Research using our sequencing services already resulted in many scientific publications.

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Part of Hartwig Medical Foundation

Hartwig Sequencing Services is part of Hartwig Medical Foundation. All our revenues support the mission of Hartwig Medical Foundation: improvement of care for patients with cancer.

"It is a privilege to have one of the world's leading sequencing centers just around the corner. We would not have been where we are without their extremely high quality data."
Ronald Plasterk, CEO — Frame cancer Therapeutics

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Our team

Our team consists of highly motivated and experienced professionals with different backgrounds and personalities.

Our team set up the laboratory in 2015 and received the ISO 17025:2005 TESTING L633 accreditation (RvA No: L633) from the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA) for the WGS laboratory test within two years after start. In the past years, we have built extensive expertise in sequencing and data analysis.

Our code of conduct is open, collaboratively focused on enabling research. We feel involved in the sequencing services projects and do our best to fulfill your research needs.