State-of-the-art whole genome sequencing equipment

Hartwig Sequencing Services uses state-of-the-art whole genome sequencing equipment, which is operated in an ISO 17025:2017 TESTING L633 accredited setup for cancer genome analysis. With our three NovaSeq6000 systems we can sequence up to 60 billion reads and 23.400 Gb at a time.

At least once a year we validate the entire genome sequencing workflow to retain high quality standards. All systems are operated by trained staff with a lot of experience in the sequencing field.

ISO 17025:2017

Accredited setup for cancer genome analyses.

Follow this link for the scope of the accreditation.

ISO/IEC 27001

We are certified for ISO/IEC 27001:2022 information security management system (reference number K-0216521/1). This is the globally accepted standard for information security.

“The Hartwig team is very knowledgeable about all sequencing related matters and very helpful and supportive."
Mauro Muraro, CEO —  Single Cell Discoveries


The mission of Hartwig Sequencing Services is to enable experiments for researchers that need a high tech sequencing laboratory with fast turn-around-times and the highest quality standards in sequencing.

Our technology

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NovaSeq6000iSeq100Biomek i7Biomek 4000QIAsymphonyQuantStudio 12K Flex
UtilizationWhole Genome Sequencing

Whole Transcriptome Sequencing
Small targets

QC test to validate samples
DNA Library preparationDNA/RNA Library preparationDNA/RNA IsolationSNP genotyping
Run capacityUp to 20 billion readsUp to 8 million readsUp to 88 DNA samplesUp to 24 DNA or RNA samplesUp to 96 samples26 SNPs per sample
Read lengthUp to 2x150 base pairs2x150 base pairs
Output135 - 3900 Gb0.8 - 1.6 GbSequencing librariesSequencing librariesgDNA and total RNASNP calls for 26 human WGS positions
Data quality90% >Q30 on
90% >Q30 on average
TechnologyPatterned flow cellSemiconductor SequencingShearing/ligation
Shearing/ligationMagnetic bead basedOpenArray™
ReagentsStandard NovaSeq Reagent KitsStandard iSeq ReagentKAPA EvoPlusKAPA RNA HyperPrep
Standard isolation kitsTaqMan OpenArray Custom Panel