Hartwig Sequencing Services

Hartwig Sequencing Services offers:

Hartwig Sequencing Services is specialized in DNA and RNA isolation for all types of fresh frozen tissues, blood, and cell pellets.

Hartwig Sequencing Services performs library preparation of DNA samples on an unique in house programmed robotic set up, based on the Biomek i7 liquid handler framework.

Hartwig Sequencing Services is available for libraries prepared by us or ready-to-sequence library pools from customers.

Hartwig Sequencing Services uses SNP Genotyping for human sample identification and tracking.

Hartwig Sequencing Services provides limited bioinformatics analysis and support.

"The sequencing service Hartwig provides is affordable, reliable and extremely fast."
Ruben van Boxtel, PhD, Principal Investigator — Prinses Máxima Center

Why work with Hartwig Sequencing Services?

  • Largest sequencing center of the Netherlands with high capacity and fast turn-around times
  • High quality sequencing data (90% >Q30 on average)
  • Extensive expertise in driving success of (your) research projects
  • ISO 17025:2017 TESTING L633 accredited environment. Follow this link for the scope of the accreditation.
  • Contribution to Hartwig Medical Foundation’s mission